Ultimate Titanic Tours

Ultimate Titanic Tours offers you the best way to see where RMS Titanic, history’s most famous ship, was built.

With access to all of the key sites and attractions no stone will be left unturned as you are transported back in time 100 years to what was the largest shipyard in the world. Owned by Colin Cobb, a self-professed ‘Titanorak’ and operator of Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House, you are guaranteed a first class experience as you explore the birthplace of a legend.


Titanic Walking Tour

The Titanic Walking Tour gives you the ultimate Titanic experience in Belfast. You will be led around all of the key historic sites where history’s most famous ship was conceived, constructed and completed.

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VIP Titanic Tour

With our VIP Titanic Tour you will have access to all of the main sights and attractions of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. No stone will be left unturned as you are taken through conception, construction.

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Legends of the North

Here at Legends of the North, we are passionate about VIP Northern Ireland tours. We take our time showing you the most detailed parts of The Emerald Isle, so you can get the most out of your experience.

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What’s new for 2015?

  • We have added a VIP option to our tours this year as you can now choose to be chauffeured around the sites in a Mercedes Vito. It means weather is never a concern and you can even be picked up from your hotel.
  • Very exciting news for 2015 is that we now have a sister company called Legends of the North. Legends offers varied and flexible private tours, allowing you to see Northern Ireland the way you want to.

Legends Mercedes Vito



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Below is a short video explaining who we are and what we do. Interested in taking one of our incredible tours? Click below for booking.

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A day to remember with James Cameron

Thursday 6th September, Titanic movie director James Cameron visits Titanic’s Dock with Colin Cobb from Titanic Walking Tours.

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James Cameron on Titanic Walking Tour


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