Booking yourself onto a Giants Causeway Tour is a must during your visit to Northern Ireland, after all people come from across the world to see the area where there was once a bridge walked on by giants.

When you book up with a Giant Causeway Tour you will see the area is flanked by the wild North Atlantic Ocean on one side with a rolling landscape of dramatic cliff tops on the other. For hundreds of years the Giants Causeway has been inspiration for artists and scientific debates alike. The Giants Causeway Tours have truly captured the imagination of everyone who has seen them.

Tourists marvel at the stones size, intriguing shape, regularity and there sheer numbers. Science claims the causeway was created by a volcano when it spewed molten rock across the seas many years ago.

However, before scientists there were storytellers and their explanations behind these beautiful rocks involved tales of arguing giants and the drama between these creatures which came to a head to create the fabulous scenery now known as The Giant Causeway.

As these stories have been passed down through families, from one person to the next the stories became hugely popular and many people now choose to believe the legends of giants instead of the scientific explanations.

Hence, The Giants Causeway still holds sway over the imaginations of those who visit it and who walk in the footsteps of giants.