The Giants causeway has been commonly described as the eighth wonder of the world and is a brilliant place to take the whole family for a day out. Take the Giants causeway tour and uncover these top five fantastic facts:

    • Various rare plant species have been identified on cliffs and nearby rock formations surrounding the Giants causeway such as vernal squill, frog orchid and sea fescue.
    • The Giants causeway formations have been influenced by the weather over the years, causing circular structures resembling ‘giant’s eyes’ which fits in quite nicely with the tale behind these rock establishments.
    • In 1986, the causeway was declared a world heritage site and is the only heritage site in Northern Ireland.
    • Around 50-60 million years ago, it is thought that volcanic activity created step-like columns on the very edge of the Antrim plateau.
    • The causeway is home to Europe’s first ever hydro-electric tram which was opened in 1883 and runs between Portrush and the causeway itself.

Discover the history behind these unusual rock formations and enjoy a wonderful day out with all the family on our Giant Causeway tour lead by one of our many experts in the legends and landscape of this incredible site.