Piece By Piece The Walls Fall Down

One of Belfast’s most symbolic landmarks, which is featured on many of the great Belfast tours, has been left standing for at least another year in honour of the famous Good Friday Agreement. This agreement took place just fifteen years ago to provide the Catholic and Protestant communities with division, security and above all, peace. [...]

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Titanic 2 Be Built in China

In the ship industry’s latest and arguably most controversial move to date a tribute to the historical Titanic ship is being built in China and financed by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer as part of a project named simply as the Titanic 2. Palmer launched the project ‘out of love’ for the design and the philosophy [...]

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The History of Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Just nine miles from where your Giants Causeway Tour takes place you will find that Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, down a 1km winding coastal walk though natural beauty and glorious sites. The rope bridge is on the well-known North Antrin Coast road between Balintoy and Ballycastle and attracts thrill seekers from all around. The original Carrick-A-Rede [...]

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Would You Like To Walk Where Giants Once Walked?

Booking yourself onto a Giants Causeway Tour is a must during your visit to Northern Ireland, after all people come from across the world to see the area where there was once a bridge walked on by giants. When you book up with a Giant Causeway Tour you will see the area is flanked by [...]

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Why Not Visit Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge?

During your Giants Causeway Tour why not pop along to the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, just nine miles from where the Giants Causeway Tours take place? The Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge can be found between Ballycastle and Balintoy along the famous North Antrim Coast. As we said it is only nine miles from where the Giant Causeway [...]

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Why Is The Giants Causeway A World Heritage Site?

In November 1986 The Giants Causeway was included in the list of World Heritage sites, the first of its kind to receive recognition in Ireland. But why was the Giants Causeway made a world heritage site? For an attraction or site to attain world heritage status it must meet the UNSECOs criterion which is as [...]

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Short History Of Derry’s Culture

You’ve just booked your Derry tour, but you’ve just realised you know nothing about the city! It’s true that you’ll have tour guides there to inform you of the history in more detail, but it’s always nice gaining a slice of knowledge before you embark on your incredible trip around Derry. Derry is the second [...]

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Five fantastic facts about the Giants Causeway

The Giants causeway has been commonly described as the eighth wonder of the world and is a brilliant place to take the whole family for a day out. Take the Giants causeway tour and uncover these top five fantastic facts: Various rare plant species have been identified on cliffs and nearby rock formations surrounding the [...]

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A Touch Of Mythology

The Giants Causeway is a world heritage site rich in scenic and historic value and attracts visitors from all around the world every single day. Before you take the Giants Causeway tour how about a little mythology to really get your creative mind buzzing? Let’s start right at the beginning with the ancient kingdom of [...]

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