4 theories for how the Titanic could have survived

One of the most notorious historical events of the 20th century, the sinking of the RMS Titanic was a tragedy which took the lives of over 1, 500 passengers, gaining international prominence and spawning urban legends and tales which still remain to this today. As a result its docking station in Belfast is a popular [...]

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Derry’s ‘Pathway for Peace’

A new “pathway for peace” has been created out of pledges designed by students from 70 schools in Londonderry to honour the community’s new hope for peace. Each 25 word pledge was also accompanied by a piece of original artwork from each of the schools which took part. The concept of a pathway for peace [...]

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The Best Dishes From Belfast Restaurant Week

With a population of 3 million, Belfast is a city on the rise, with plenty of history, culture, and lots to see and do for both adults and children. It’s no wonder Belfast is a popular hotspot on many Northern Ireland tours, helped by how the city hosts a variety of events to enjoy throughout [...]

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Giant Seahorse Is Belfast’s Latest Attraction

A giant stainless steel statue of a seahorse is the latest landmark to be revealed in the city of Belfast. Measuring 26 feet (8 metres), the piece was created by internationally acclaimed sculptor Ralf Sander, who was commissioned to create the sculpture by Belfast Harbour to celebrate the site’s 400th anniversary. The statue can be [...]

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From Fairy Paths to Giants Causeways

The Emerald Isle is a mystical land with a rich Gaelic history, full of ancient traditions and superstitions. It is this history and ancient culture that makes the country such an intriguing and eclectic mix of past and present. Despite having embraced the modernity of the 21st century, Ireland has not abandoned or forgotten the [...]

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Bushmills Whiskey: An Irish Icon

If there is one thing Ireland knows it’s how to make a phenomenal whiskey and a prime example of their proficiency is the legendary Bushmills whiskey. The Old Bushmills Distillery was officially registered in 1784, though Bushmills had been distilling for over a century by then. Even today, Bushmills is very much a part of [...]

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Violin played on the Titanic set to make £400,000 at auction

Played by the bandmaster of the famous ship, a violin used on the Titanic is estimated to be sold for £400,000 at a British auction. As part of a seven year in-depth investigation, the iconic instrument even went under a CT scan to prove its authenticity before it could be sold as a key piece [...]

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The Children Who Slept Through The Sinking Of The Titanic

When the parents of six year old Douglas Spedden rushed to their cabin to retrieve their son as the Titanic began to tilt on that fateful night in 1912, they didn’t expect that their son would be sound asleep. Through the sound of the iceberg crashing, the ship’s engines grinding and passengers panicking, Douglas has [...]

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The Pride And Joy Of Belfast

Like Italy’s leaning tower of Pisa, Belfast takes pride the Albert Memorial Clock and recognises it as a symbol of beauty and history that shouldn’t be forgotten. Established in 1865, the clock was built in an Italian gothic fashion in honour of Queen Victoria’s consort, none other than Price Albert. Due to being 113ft tall, [...]

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The History Behind Shankill Road

Nowadays, when mentioning the history of the Shankill Road many people automatically think back to the feud between the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Ulster Defence Association, however there is so much more to it than meets the eye. Though nowadays, Shankill Road is celebrated for its exquisite shopping centre and pleasant residential areas it [...]

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