If there is one thing Ireland knows it’s how to make a phenomenal whiskey and a prime example of their proficiency is the legendary Bushmills whiskey. The Old Bushmills Distillery was officially registered in 1784, though Bushmills had been distilling for over a century by then. Even today, Bushmills is very much a part of the Emerald Isle’s cultural landscape and a true Irish icon, the distillery still finds itself a feature stop on everything from city excursions to Giants Causeway tours with hundreds of thousands of people exploring it each year. No stranger to praise and recognition, Bushmills whiskey has won numerous prizes over the centuries, winning a gold medal at the Paris Expo in 1889, being honoured by the Bank of Ireland who put the distillery on their new bank notes in 2008 and collecting several awards from competitions across the world in 2010.

As well as all of this recognition for its distinct taste and unmistakable character – which the distillery attributes to their unique copper pot – Bushmills has also achieved fame in the realms of music, film and literature.

  • Bushmills Whiskey appeared in Sidney Lumet’s 1982 classic The Verdict; the drink helped to capture the authentic Irish culture inherent to the city of Boston, Massachusetts


  • Oliver Stone’s biopic The Doors (1991) also featured Bushmills as a favourite of all those on the music scene; proving that whiskey is more than a drink for Country Music to drown its sorrows in


  • In the original Swedish version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009) everything from dialogue to setting was Swedish – except for the 21 year old single malt, courtesy of the legendary Bushmills Distillery


  • One of the finest literary works from the modernist movement, written by perhaps the greatest modernist (and Irish!) writer of all time, James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922) gives a nod to the delectable nectar that is Bushmills whiskey in Episode 16 (Eumaeus)


  • American indie-folk band Bon Iver and Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance both mentioned Bushmills in their music and as any artist will tell you, it takes something quite special to succeed in both film and music – something like Bushmills

With so much success in screen and song, a taste that has withstood centuries of change and a name synonymous with both Ireland and quality, Bushmills is a celebrity in its own right. If you can, visit the distillery and see for yourself where this malt magic is made – and if you can’t, then enjoy pouring yourself a glass of it, not forgetting to make a toast to the legend that is Bushmills whiskey.