With a population of 3 million, Belfast is a city on the rise, with plenty of history, culture, and lots to see and do for both adults and children. It’s no wonder Belfast is a popular hotspot on many Northern Ireland tours, helped by how the city hosts a variety of events to enjoy throughout the year.  One of which includes its Restaurant Week, which occurred earlier this month and saw over 80 restaurants participate to offer at least 40,000 diners a selection of unique and high quality dishes using creativity and local produce.

Chocolate caviar

Served with a glass of sparkling Cava, the Co Couture Dessert Club offered a weird and wonderful treat for choco-holics during Belfast Restaurant Week. Eaten on blini with white chocolate cream, caviar was served as a limited edition dish for its customers, combining the sweetness of white chocolate with the flavours of caviar to create a taste sensation.

Blood pie

One for the Game of Thrones fans, this year Ryan’s Bar transformed their restaurant into the Great Hall of Winterfell to host a banquet inspired by the popular HBO fantasy series. Hosting two evenings of medieval grub and entertainment, both occasions sold out quickly thanks to their historical menu. Diners were encouraged to break bread with other warriors and try traditional dishes like Dornish fare and Dothraki blood pie, consisting of pastry, steak and beef blood.

A wine dinner

At the OX restaurant, instead of choosing from food from a menu, guests had to choose from a wine menu instead. Whatever they chose affected the dish they were going to be served for starters, mains and desserts, leaving an element of surprise as to what they were actually going to be eating. For example, if customers chose a white wine to have with their starters, they were served scallops, and if they chose red wine, they were served venison, guaranteeing that their wine choices went perfectly with every dish.

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