Ireland is a fantastic island filled to the brim with culture, legends and fascinating, occasionally troubled history. If you have ever been to Ireland you may think that you already know all the facts and figures surrounding it, but think again! Northern Ireland Tours provide you with an unparalleled insight into the stories behind a collection of famous landmarks that are situated all across the island. To prepare you for your journey, let’s take a look at a list of some of the most interesting facts about the island:

  1. Despite common misconceptions, the iconic shamrock image is in fact not the national symbol of Ireland nor is the phrase ‘the luck of the Irish’ in any way a representative. Instead, Ireland has adopted the Celtic harp claiming its place as the national symbol.
  2. Although the battle scenes in the film Braveheart, filmed in 1995, were set in Scotland they were instead filmed in Ireland.
  3. Thanks to its opulent greenery, Ireland is nicknamed the Emerald Island.
  4. In the year of 1447, any form of moustache was banned on the island. As razors were not around at this time, it is thought that men would sharpen sea shells that they found on the coast in order to shave.
  5. An odd yet popular birthday tradition founded by the Irish is to tip the child upside down and gently bump their head on the floor in order to bring good luck. How many bumps the child should have to endure would allegedly correspond to the individual’s age plus an extra bump for luck.
  6. The original Titanic was built in Belfast, the administrative capital of Northern Ireland.
  7. The longest location name in Ireland is Muckanaghederdauhaulia which is pronounced ‘muck-ana-gheeda-erda-a-luiulu’.

These are just 7 fun facts surrounding the beautiful island. If you’d like to find out more about how you can explore the depths of culture and modern day Ireland why not consider booking a Northern Ireland tour today to see what you can uncover?

Northern Ireland tours are a brilliant way to get involved with something new and exciting while learning about the local history along the way. They provide a great opportunity for you to bring your friends and family on a tour that will take you back to a time where thrilling folklores and culture thrived.

With a choice of visiting the Giants Causeway, hopping on a bus to go sightseeing in Belfast, taking a Titanic walking tour or even paying a visit to the ghostly residents of Crumlin road gaol, there is so much to see and find on your journey into the island’s past.

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